School Started!

We started school this past week in Sutton. There are lots of wonderful changes that have come and our coming with our new Superintendent, Dr. Kimberly Roberts-Morandi and a good deal of excitement and positive energy the district!

Our table at the Elementary and SCEl Open Houses garnered some new parent interest. We are hoping to continue the expanding interest and membership of SSEPAC that was started last year.

We are so happy that our former President, Elyse Baumann, has found her happy home in N. Smithfield. Joscelyn Young has assumed primary leadership duties and Elaine Barbara will continue as Treasurer.

SSEPAC has scheduled our general meetings for the year from 6-7pm on Zoom:

September 15

December 15

March 15

We will be adding special topic, subcommittee, and Parent Event meetings throughout the year.

We are looking forward to working with the district and expanding the voice of special education families. Advocating for inclusivity, informed-practices, and family, educator, administrator, community education will continue to be a priority.

Email with questions or to get more involved!

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