Planning priorities for 2022-2023 will happen at our first scheduled meeting on Sept. 15 6-7pm on Zoom.



Goal #1 In the academic year 2021-2022, SSEPAC is committed to laying groundwork to become a meaningful part of the Special Education programming in the Sutton School District.


Goal #2 SSEPAC will increase engagement with Special Education families and general education families with offerings that help improve the education and wellness of all students & families. We are committed to working towards a community of support for all students, families, educators, school staff and administrators. We acknowledge that the well-being of all has a direct impact on the well-being of the individual students we serve.

Below you will see the priorities we have thus far identified as a means to accomplish these goals.

Projects & Priorities

School Committee

SSEPAC is planning on beginning a meaningful relationship with the Sutton School Committee and regularly attending meetings.

Relationship Building

SSEPAC is committed to reaching out and connecting with school staff and families. We hope to offer a place for Sutton families to come to for resources and support.


SSEPAC is working towards establishing consistent and transparent communication with the Sutton school community.

Information Access

SSEPAC;s goal is to make information more easily accessible and usable to all families. The SSEPAC website was created as a step towards this goal.